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This Kitchen Floor Gets a Whole New Look Thanks to Our Warren Grout Sealing Crew

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May 27, 2024

It's not rare for businesses of all kinds to trust Sir Grout Western New Jersey with regular hard surface maintenance duties. Such is the case of one of Warren's most well-established companies; they have been hiring our restoration services on a monthly basis to work on multiple units in their apartment building. In the past, Sir Grout Western New Jersey has cleaned and polished the floors, shower surfaces, countertops, and other areas under the company's property.

Kitchen Floor Before and After a Grout Sealing Service in Warren
For this particular job, the company owners requested our Warren Grout Sealing services to restore the grout in one of the building's kitchen floors. They had done their best to preserve the best hygienic conditions on the empty residence, but their efforts couldn't stop the effects of a humid setting, especially in a room where sources of fresh air were already scarce. As a result, mold and grime had firmly latched onto the grout on the entire kitchen floor. The tiles had also absorbed enough dirt to lose most of their appeal, managing to look muddy even as cleaning products were drying on the floor.

The clients accurately described the problem when they contacted our specialists, in part because they were familiar with our grout restoration methods after months of regular service. Nevertheless, our crew went to inspect the kitchen floor in advance so that a trained eye could confirm the clients' suspicion. They evaluated the state of the grout, looking for deeper damage beyond all the grime that had seeped into the grout pores. After ruling out the possibility of a severe structural problem, our specialists proposed a thorough cleaning and grout sealing service, and the clients were quick to agree.

Floor Tiles and Grout Before and After a Grout Sealing Service in Warren
That same week, we were back at the apartment to restore the kitchen floor. Our specialists applied a pH-neutral cleaner to clean the surfaces and loosen the dirt and soil embedded in the grout. Spilling incidents, foot traffic, moisture buildup, and other factors had made it easier for the grout to absorb a considerable amount of grime, so our crew used a high-speed scrubbing machine to remove all external substances from the surface after letting the cleaner sit on the grout for a few minutes.

We made some repairs on the grout when it was needed and moved on to seal the grout lines. For this, we applied a coat of ColorSeal to protect the grout pores against water, dirt, grease, mold, mildew, and other fluids. Our signature sealer wards off these harmful elements and enhances the properties of our cleaner long after the restoration process is done. Last but not least, we machine buffed the floor to bring out the tile's shine and simplify cleaning procedures in the future. At this point, we were ready to show off the floor's final look.

The clients had already seen the quality of our results many times in the past, so it didn't surprise them to find such a vast improvement. The floor was bright and highlighted the details on the tiles in a very flattering way. The grout looked brand new, and its lighter shade was a perfect match to the ceramic. The result was a clean, classy look that was very pleasant to the eye. The clients thanked us for our services and celebrated the prospect of upgrading other parts of the property in the upcoming months.

Since this wasn't our first time working with these clients, our specialists briefly summarized all the standard cleaning recommendations. As always, they emphasized the importance of sticking to soap-free cleaning products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Being a pH-neutral cleaner, our product has no acidic ingredients in its formula and leaves no chemical residues behind once it's used on hard surfaces. Moreover, it actively prevents the accumulation of dirt and the growth of bacteria. In addition, our crew listed clean mops, dry towels, and terry clothes as the best tools to scrub off dirt and spills without scratching the tiles. It isn't easy to ensure optimal ventilation in an unoccupied apartment, but our specialists still recommended making regular visits to open the windows and allow fresh air circulation. A weekly cleaning routine is the best defense to preserve the surfaces' protection, especially kitchen surfaces that are meant to house multiple household products while withstanding constant foot traffic.

Sir Grout Western New Jersey is your best ally if you plan on preserving your hard surfaces on a long-term basis. Whether you're dealing with dirty grout or etch marks on stone surfaces, our methods deliver visible, instant results without causing any harm to your grout and tiles. Feel free to call (732) 392-7323 or fill out the "Schedule a FREE Quote" form on our website to schedule a free in-home evaluation. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest info and promotions. Rest assured knowing that the best restoration specialists are always at your service.
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